About Us at HBAEC

HBAEC derives its support, guidance, and materials from The Upper Room for its 4th Day members.

Our mission is to inspire, challenge, and equip local church members for Christian action in their homes, communities, and places of work.

HBAEC is part of a “Three Day Movement” program that had its origins in Cursillo begun by the Roman Catholic Church in Majorca, Spain in 1944.

In 1981, by mutual agreement with the National Secretariat of the Roman Catholic Crusillo, the Upper Room Walk to Emmaus was created as an ecumenical movement (non-denominational).

The Upper Room as a supporting organization, is a global ministry dedicated to supporting the spiritual life of Christians seeking to know and experience God more fully.

You can learn more about the Upper Room ministry and other resources to help believers by visiting UpperRoom.org

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