Houston Bay Area Emmaus Community

Annual HBAEC

Board Voting

It’s time for the annual HBAEC board meeting.

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Annual HBAEC Board Voting

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Upcoming Walks

Check the date and mark your calendar for all upcoming Walks to Emmaus

Sponsor Information

Sponsoring is an act of love for God, for the participants in the Walk to Emmaus

Walk Support

To sign up and support upcoming walks, click on the link for the walk you wish to support.

Candle Light Time: 8:30 PM


Meet a new member and share a day of fun with 4th Day Members.

Reunion Groups

Keep the fire burning. Find a reunion group near you and plug in.

HBAEC 4th Day Community


Houston Baey Area Emmaus Community for all 4th Day Emmaus members.

Houston Bay Area Emmaus Community

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