Sponsoring Kit

This “Sponsor Kit” provides a sponsor with everything needed to sponsor a Pilgrim on a Walk to Emmaus.

1) Pilgrim Registration Form – this is filled out by the pilgrim and signed. It is helpful if the sponsor completes the sponsor information on this form before asking the Pilgrim to complete the rest of the application. The pilgrim or the sponsor needs to take the application to the church pastor for signature. The sponsor mails the completed Pilgrim’s application, Liability form and Sponsor form along with a check to the Emmaus registrar. If the forms and registration payment are received by the registrar 4 weeks before the Walk the cost is $165. After that the cost is $190.

2) Danbury Lodge Liability Form – this is required by Danbury Lodge, the location of the Walk. It is to be filled out and signed by the pilgrim. Ignore the Children’s names.

3) Sponsor Form – filled out and signed by sponsor.

4) Sponsor Checklist – this tells the sponsor everything a sponsor needs to do before, during and after a Walk.

5) Sponsor’s Request for Letters – sponsors are responsible for working with the spouse or family of the pilgrim as well as friends of the pilgrim to solicit and collect 10 to 12 or more letters to be a surprise for the pilgrim and given to the pilgrim during the weekend. This letter is for use by the sponsor or the family to request letters. These letters need to be turned in to the registration table at the walk on Thursday night when the sponsor goes to the walk with the pilgrim. The pilgrim should not see the letters being turned in.

6) Letter to Sponsors – this gives sponsors information about the Walk.

Form Name

Pilgrim Registration Form

Danbury Lodge Liability Form

Sponsorship Form

Form Name

Sponsor Checklist

Sponsor’s Request for Letters

Letter to Sponsors

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