Potato Casserole Recipe


  • Use low fat ingredients when possible.
  • 10 32-oz pkgs frozen hash brown potatoes (2bags per recipe).
  • 5# cheddar cheese (1 # per recipe).
  • 5 pints sour cream ( 1 pint per recipe).
  • 10 cans cream of chicken soup (2 cans per recipe).
  • 5 cups margarine (10 sticks, 2 sticks per recipe).
  • 5 cups corn flakes (1 lg box; 1 cup per recipe).
  • 5 cups green onion (2 bunches per recipe).

Potato Casserole

5 casseroles required for each Agape meal. Plan to bring them immediately from your oven. Transport hot dish in igloo cooler. You can prepare casserole ahead of time and freeze. If you do, take the casserole out of the freezer on Friday night or very early on Saturday morning.
  1. Mix ½ cup margarine with potatoes, onion, cheese, soup, sour cream, salt and pepper.
  2. Put mixture into buttered pan (one size under roaster size).
  3. Mix remaining ½ cup melted margarine with corn flakes and sprinkle on top.
  4. Cover with foil. Seal sides tightly.
  5. Bake at 350 degrees for 2 hours; covered.

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